Monday, February 24, 2014

Unsubscribing from Ebay? Impossible! How big brands cheat their customers to enslave them

Big brands still struggle to understand you can't force people behaving the way you like, that's against freedom. What's really unbelievable is these folks think that while on the Internet everything's allowed. You can restrict people's will, you can enslave them to receive your s**t, Everything!!!

Microsoft for example requests a account to activate your PC. Would you believe it? 
If you don't have a Microsoft account, you won't be able to access certain apps like Skydrive for example. A real blackmail in pure mafia style.

If Eleanor Roosvelt were alive, these people's butt would have been kicked down the road. Unfortunately in today's world we take for granted that on the Internet, rules are different from the real world, like if on the Internet we become different people from those who live in the real world. 

In these people' sick mind we transform ourselves in virtual beings with no knowledge of the most basic human rights.

Time has come not only to end this dictatorship that tramples over our rights of human beings but to tell these "people" that this new world made of software we are building it has to be shaped on the user's needs and not on their selfish predator instincts.

And you know why? Because if your company doesn't adhere to the most basic protocols of Governance, Sustainability, Human Rights, Environment Stewardship you are going to be dumped by the very same people you are trying to frame.

You don't buy customer loyalty by enslaving them into a labyrinth from where they cannot escape because if that's the way you behave, I am going to dump your brand forever, and while doing it, I am going to post it on twitter so that the whole world would know what a genius you are.

Are you guys totally retarded?

How can an average folk being so naive that in today's world made of social media you can behave like a total a*****e?

I was checking my email today and I found an Ebay newsletter from Ebay Italy.

Down below the email body I was looking for the unsubscribe button and guess what? it aint no unsubscribe button whatsoever.

If you scroll down your ebay newsletter email you will read a short terms of service that reads as follow:

eBay Europe S.à r.l.  sent you this email because your notification settings indicate that you want to receive information on promotions, offers and special events.

But the problem is I don't want to receive this kind of information.

The disclaimer goes on and here's the most interesting part:

If you want to change your notification settings go to My ebay / Settings / notification settings.

Please be aware that in Italian language, the word "Settings" is being translated as "impostazioni" while the word Notification Settings is being translated as "preferenze di notifica"

I obviously and immediately went to My ebay/ looking for the settings button but I wasn't able to find any.

Of course I couldn't, because it ain't no settings button within that drop-down menu.

Please take a look at the picture below and look for the word "impostazioni" that is the italian translation of the word "settings". Can you see it?

Despite considering myself a PC literate I had to spent half an hour to find the way to get rid of this newsletter. You know where the notification settings are?


Now, why in the world eBay has to cheat  its customers, making it more difficult for them to unsubscribe from a "service" they don't want?

Is it possible these people do not have any idea of what the word "Freedom" means?

Do you realize people do not like to be enslaved? they don't like it Off line as they don't like it On-line.
You guys have to be aware of  this, because otherwise you might risk of going out of business once a smaller competitor of yours has a higher respect for people's rights.

Time for the big brands to take notice that Internet Users cannot be treated like objects by sociopath companies that don't care of their free will. 

The future of On-line Commerce is all based on the quality of Customer Engagement and eBay on this field is at the lowest level.

E Pluribus Unum

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