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Artificial Intelligence is a scam to keep us away from Conscious Technology

I decided to write this story after having seen a series of tweets of the same article about South African Entrepreneur Elon Musk announcing to sponsor a research on Artificial Intelligence.

Humans have been pursuing the quest for "artificial intelligence" since Czech writer Karel ńĆapek published his play Rossum's Universal Robots in 1920.  

According to John McCarthy, Artificial Intelligence is "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines".

Unfortunately machines won't ever be able to become intelligent because intelligence requires Consciousness and a machine doesn't have Consciousness nor you can't implant it, hence you have to start over from the other way round, that means you first need Conscious material which means living biological material to develop any technology that matters  

That's why when you talk about this matter you need to talk of Conscious Technology and not of artificial intelligence which is absolutely a meaningless expression.  

Artificial intelligence is a meaningless expression because it's an oxymoron as Intelligence is Consciousness and Consciousness can't be "artificial" otherwise it couldn't be "Conscious". 

Plain and simple logic.

That's why if you really want to sponsor a meaningful research on this field you want to pursue something called "Conscious Technology" which is a completely different ball park or better it's a completely different game compared to the scam of artificial intelligence which by its own definition sounds like a joke as "artificial" makes me think of something astroturfed or along that line.

As a matter of fact, for some unknown reason when the media show a future technological scenario it's always about robots and we have been presented with this narrative a million times since 1920.

In practice Artificial Intelligence is nothing else than a remake of robotics. The only problem with this path is that is completely wrong because as I said you have to start from the biological sideand not from the machine or the software because software and machines are made of dead material and they cannot become living as Consciousness is like Paremenides concept of being: "what is is and what is not cannot be"  in other words nothing comes from nothing and Artificial Intelligence is nothing

As I said if we want to talk about real technological evolution we must approach this matter from the opposite way, that means if you really want to step into the future in terms of technology you must approach the matter of Consciousness which still at today for our "official science" represents a total mystery and here ends our quest for technological advancement because everything "Conscious" is absolutely taboo for the official science of this planet.

Indeed our "official science" is still stuck where it was two hundred years ago at the double slit experiment, as scientists from planet earth still claim that Quantum Mechanics can only be applied at level of atoms and photons as according to classical physics everything Quantum is still inexplicable.

I repeat it once again just in case you didn't get it:

Classical physics defines Quantum Physics inexplicable.  

Just think to the fact that Quantum Physics was discovered more than two hundred years ago when in 1803 Thomas Young performed the famous double-slit experiment. That experiment revealed for the first time the role of Consciousness as the ground state of physics, although for some unspecified reasons official science has been vehemently denying such role to this day.

For some unknown reasons, official science is still stuck in its Neanderthalian materialistic mentality that the physical universe exists as it presents itself, (just like artificial intelligence) even if Quantum Physics undermined the very notion of physical objects at its foundation, as the universe is not solid, tangible, or fixed, because it's based upon Consciousness. 

Therefore even if the old science of an external physical universe has been mortally wounded by quantum physics, official science is persisting in its state of denial and that's why it keeps talking of such nonsense as "artificial intelligence" and cyborgs because it is coherent with their denial of Consciousness. 

You may easily grasp that if official science denies the role of Consciousness we can't make any meaningful step forward in terms of technology as it would be like building a ship whilst denying the existence of water.

Such a comparison gets more meaningful if you consider that Consciousness is the very essence of the multiverse in which we live as everything that compose the wholeness is Consciousness.

As Deepak Chopra said: "Consciousness is fundamental and without cause. It is the ground state of existence. As conscious beings, humans cannot experience measure or conceive of a reality devoid of consciousness."

If that's the situation, why science still denies the existence of Consciousness and its crucial role in technological advancement? Because one thing is absolutely certain: if we don't take Consciousness as the basis of any future technology we'll stay where we are stuck right now: in the darkness.

Well one of the reason I can think of it's warfare development:

Success in creating Artificial Intelligence would be the biggest event in human history,” wrote Stephen Hawking in an op-ed, which appeared in The Independent in 2014. “Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks. In the near term, world militaries are considering autonomous-weapon systems that can choose and eliminate targets.”

That's it.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hawking and for the military, if you start developing conscious technology you have to stand for Consciousness, that means the whole purpose of development, application and scope of the project must be respectful of the essence of Consciousness which is also its only fuel and that's love.

If you want to build a conscious device you have to start from biological living fabric which is the only way to develop Conscious technology, as you have to use conscious material.

Conscious material is any living biological tissue that has a frequency which can be aligned with ours. Conscious Technology is all about this: FREQUENCY ALIGNEMENT between two conscious beings.

So why the official science of this planet hasn't taken this path, nor it has acknowledged the crucial role of Consciousness and conscious material? 

My opinion is because of the very nature of this matter, you can't use a living fabric for something that is not righteous in its objective. For example if you build a weapon that is conscious, that weapon won't ever shoot for the wrong reasons and that's why it can't be developed on this planet as our civilisation distinguishes itself for being sociopath in nature as murder is everyday business right here and our governments still rule by fear and terror which is the opposite of Consciousness.

Can you imagine earthling researchers trying to develop a technology that has not belligerent application but its opposite?

Can you imagine the military industrial complex engaged in developing something that exclude the possibility of killing or harming someone as a preset setting? or even worse, a technology that will instantly vaporize any human fear? Not in this space-time.

Fear is the most important tool for the elite ruling this planet, if it would vanish for good that would be the panic among the members of the elite.

On the other side this adversion for Consciousness and the adoration of fear are absolutely coherent with the pursue of a nonsense like artificial intelligence because in the past few years a series of dystopyan scenarios have been forecasted by a number of news articles warning on the dangers of artificial intelligence like a possible "Rise of the Machines".


It is kind of interesting to notice that those forecasting a possible disastrous outcome from AI are the same people who are actually working on the development of Artificial Intelligence, including that genius of Mr. Elon Musk.

Mr. Musk is the guy who is the lead investor of this amazing futuristic technology together with a number of other enthousiastic Silicon Valley investors who I don't think would be that happy when they'll find out they took the wrong way and wasted billions. I don't think either that Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are that silly that's why I am 100% positive this research is just a big hoax for the press and a further distraction for the sleeping consciousness of the silent majority.

The cover up on Conscious Technology is so intense that they are using every mean to disinform people on this matter. I just found this article by nothing less than The World Economic Forum, which headline goes "What is Conscious Technology?" but if you read the article it doesn't explain Conscious Technology is but it talks about the artificial intelligence and other nonsensical stuff like unspecified dangerous threats awaiting ahead  of us that really make no sense especially for a supposed prestigious media like the WEF. 

On the other side I have found someone who really grasped what Conscious Technology means and that's  Dr. Rachel Armstrong, who talks about "living architecture""living spaceships" and this is exactly what I mean when I talk about Conscious Technology.

However we're not interested in the reasons why official science won't ever enter the conscious technology, this was just to let you know that artificial intelligence is the usual nonsense provided to you by our official science only to keep yourself away from Consciousness (did I just write that?).

It might sound paradoxical but this scheme is actually been working big time if you consider that official science was able to downgrade quantum physics to a minor rank of study and managed to keep it stuck at the same level it had when it started in 1804 and that's 200 years ago. Being able to keep something invisible for 200 years it means either you're Houdini or you have a crowd of narcolexic people.

The official science can be pretty confident to make you believe that artificial intelligence is the new thing and that its development can carry dangerous consequences to humankind, which is actually true because being the biggest nonsense ever created on this timeline, the first setback for those committed in this project will be the loss of money of whoever invested in such bullshit.

However the problem of Conscious Technology is that being the ONLY way to technological advancement it makes impossible for our civilization to take that direction because our world is a world run by fear and by a bunch of sociopaths who won't ever accept Consciousness as the main way to our future because otherwise we would have already taken it.

This also demonstrates that the real and ONLY kind of Evolution is the Evolution of Consciousness.

E Pluribus Unum

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